When a Critical Wastewater Issue Hits Home

Justin Olson Ripples

There is nothing more exciting than going back to your hometown, the place you grew up, came of age and dreamed big dreams, with the opportunity to make it a better place for those you left behind.  For me, I was able to do that in a small way this past year with World Water Works and our mission to …

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AVN™ The Future of Wastewater Treatment Has Arrived!

Mark Fosshage Ripples, Technology

Of course, effective wastewater treatment is key to ensuring a future of clean, usable water. The process of how wastewater gets treated is also incredibly important, though. Historically, many treatment options consume a great deal of energy and can require harsh chemicals.  We at WWW believe that the future in wastewater treatment is to capture the carbon contained within it …

Wastewater Treatment Innovation / Advancement Benefits from Continued R&D

Chandler Johnson Technology

As chief technology officer at World Water Works, I would like to give a shout out about the importance of research and development (R&D) in finding the next generation of solutions for our wastewater challenges. In my humble view, R&D is the lifeblood of a company. You start with the R&D needed to introduce a new solution, then add, tweak, …

#worldofthanks: World Water Works Shows Gratitude to Customers

Mark Fosshage Market Pulse, People

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, World Water Works would like to take this opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU to our valued customers, partners, vendors, and friends. As a way of giving back and showing our support, we are kicking off our #WorldOfThanks campaign.  We’ve encouraged our employees to take a “selfie” or gather together with family …

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WWW Goes Green: Meeting Needs For Sustainability

Chandler Johnson Technology

As global concerns lead to increased focus on sustainable,  environmentally-friendly technology and decreased water usage, demand in the wastewater management industry for products that increase water use efficiency, decrease power consumption and minimize the use of harsh chemicals grows. We understand the need for “green” technology, and wanted to highlight some of the ways in which we can help wastewater facilities meet their …

Industry Spotlight: Municipal Wastewater

Mark Fosshage Projects, Technology

Municipal wastewater management is so important to mitigating environmental impact and ensuring that precious natural resources like waterways stay clean. World Water Works is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and continually innovating to keep water clean, which is why I’m so proud of our municipal wastewater solutions. WWW Technology at Work How is WWW technology being put to work in municipal settings? All …

Is your plant affected by floating or bulking sludge? Drop by our weftec booth #4640 to see a great new solution

Mark Fosshage Events, Technology

At WWW, our hearts tend to beat faster each year as we anticipate attending WEFTEC, the world’s largest water quality exhibition. The conference and exhibition will take place September 29th to October 1st in New Orleans, Louisiana, and we always enjoy being part of a display of the latest technology from across the water quality industry. We are excited to …


Diving In: An Introduction to Making Waves, WWW’s New Blog

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Hello, and welcome to World Water Works’ new blog, Making Waves! This blog is another way WWW is striving to fulfill its mission to change the world by turning wastewater into a valuable resource. I’m WWW’s President and CEO Mark Fosshage, and my goal is to offer creative and enlightening information on wastewater technology. The entire WWW team is passionate about the ability to use …