• To purify our future world environment.


  • To enhance your profitability through innovative water treatment technologies.


  • To remove impurities efficiently
  • To recover valuable resources.
  • To provide water reuse.


  • To continually be cognizant that we are partners with you and the environment.

World Water Works is a manufacturer of specialized process and waste water treatment technologies focused on performance, flexibility and longevity designed to yield clean water and recover energy and achieve other resource recovery. Our equipment and system designers are engineers, managers, operators, mechanics and electricians which assure the best water quality. Some of our staff members have been educated at some of the finest engineering schools while others have had years of practical experience maintaining and operating water and wastewater systems in the field. This talented and diverse team provides multi-dimensional perspectives which yield robust, high-performance, lasting advanced water treatment solutions with the highest water quality and maximum resource recovery.

Our technologies provide unparalleled performance. Documentation is available through many case studies and papers that have been formally presented. To further demonstrate our advanced water treatment technology’s prowess, World Water Works has challenged our competitors to side-by-side pilot testing to compare water quality and resource recovery. The results from these studies are dramatic. In every aspect, World Water Works outperformed its competitors. Another way World Water Works has demonstrated its waste water treatment technology is through its enormous success retrofitting existing equipment with portions of WWW’s technologies to improve performance, reduce operational costs and increase system longevity. Few companies in this industry can claim that they have successfully upgraded a competitors waste water treatment systems yielding significantly improved water quality and advanced water treatment results. World Water Works does this every day!

Assuring an advanced water treatment system has flexibility is absolutely essential. Wast­estreams can vary substantially in short periods of time. A manufacturing facility cannot be shut down because its wastewater system cannot handle a minor upset condition. Our integrated waste water treatment solutions are designed to perform on the widest range of influent conditions possible while still yielding the absolute best water quality and resource recovery.

World Water Works advanced water treatment technologies are designed to last for many years. This can be witnessed in every aspect of our system designs. Perhaps most notably is in the materials of construction, World Water Works uses all non-corrosive materials for water contact points: polypropylene, fiberglass, PVC, UHMW and stainless steel.  In many cases, these materials not only assure longevity but also provide waste water treatment flexibility by allowing a wider range of PHs and chemical choices which can dramatically impact resource recovery.

Let us serve as an adjunct to your process engineering team…

World Water Works works for you!