World Water Works, Inc. specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing highly efficient process and waste water solutions. These designs emphasize delivering clean water while recovering energy and other resource recovery.  Focusing on making the best products possible, utilizing innovative designs and materials, World Water Works delivers innovative products with the best life cycle cost on the market while achieving the best water quality.

The company was incorporated in 1998 recognizing the need for ethical product commitment and continual innovation in technology. Executing these goals with innovative products has enabled World Water Works to establish strong meaningful relationships with our customers by delivering individualized on-going solutions creating rapid return on their investment and best water quality. Staying true to these core values throughout World Water Works’ existence in business has been fundamental in creating a company we’re proud to work for and run and has translated into tremendous growth and success.  World Water Works innovative products provide the best water quality for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

World Water Works has successfully provided industrial wastewater treatment and municipal treatment solutions for customers on every continent achieving clean water, resource recovery and yielding the highest water quality. We have offices throughout the United States and India. In other parts of the world, World Water Works has selected a few highly skilled partners to support our innovative products and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions in their regions.

One of the most important factors in a company’s success and a project’s success is the team itself. World Water Works has assembled and continues to attract a team of globally recognized technical experts in the field of process and advanced wastewater treatment. To provide the most effective and dynamic municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions, World Water Works’ approach is to tackle problems with a diverse team consisting of engineers, scientists, operators, mechanics, electricians, accountants, other specialists. Through this core team and innovative products, World Water Works can achieve wastewater treatment at the highest water quality and maximum resource recovery. The team shares the company’s desire and passion through a common vision to provide meaningful change to our world.