World Water Works technical team is world renowned for its knowledge and experience in the below industry leading biological systems.



DEMON® – Deammonification
is the process of removing nitrogen from wastewater using 60% less energy, and 100% less chemicals than the traditional nitrification/denitrification process.

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MBBR – Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor / IFAS – Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS)
is a fixed-film (or attached growth) biological process used in treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters for BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification providing significant advantages over other biological processes.

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Liquid/Solids Separation


Sidehill Screen
is the process of utilizing wedgewire screen to remove large debris from a liquid without moving parts.

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DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation


is the process of generating fine microbubbles which adhere to suspended solids causing them to rise to a surface of a vessel where they can be removed.

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Nikuni Aeration







Additional ProductsSAM_0609_2

Chemical Feed
WWW manufactures a full line of chemical feed equipment designed specifically to maximize the effectiveness and assure consistent delivery of such products as: Acid, Caustic, Antifoam, Coagulant, Flocculant, Nutrients, etc.

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WWW manufactures standard and custom polypropylene tanks.  These can be cylindrical or rectangular from 10 gallons to 35,000 gallons.  WWW provides 10 Year Vessel warranties on these tanks.

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