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As water reclamation facilities continue to divert more carbon towards energy generation and other purposes, it becomes harder and more expensive to remove the remaining nutrients in the water, particularly Nitrogen.   This is where our new product AvN™ comes into play.

AvN controls an important balance between Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) and Nitrite Oxidizing Bacteria (NOB), utilizing a patented process that applies selective pressure to aid in the segregation of the desired bacterial populations. This allows wastewater treatment systems to achieve more efficient removal of Total Nitrogen in the mainstream process at the total energy cost possible.

More importantly, though, this unique technology can achieve very high removal rates of TN with very little carbon.   AvN is just as, if not more, effective than other total nitrogen removal technologies for activated sludge processes, and it does so with reduced Alkalinity, Carbon and Energy.

We would be pleased to share data and tour our two first major installations at Strass in Austria and Boat Harbor in the US.