Flotation systems are not meeting desired performance levels and are costing too much to maintain due to improper design and poorly designed technology. Vendors, consultants and other outside advisors will often suggest replacing the existing DAF all together.

At World Water Works, we take a different approach. We review the existing system issues with you and determine if it is possible to implement a DAF upgrade. We often can apply one or more of our patent pending and proprietary features to improve the performance and dramatically reduce the OPEX. In this way, WWW can achieve your desired goals at a far reduced capital outlay.

WWW has performed over 1000 DAF upgrades of nearly every competitors’ systems. The results have all achieved the clients’ goals which have included:
• Improved Performance
• Increased Throughput
• Lower Energy
• Reduced Chemical Consumption
• Curtailed Maintenance

Call our hotline for the immediate support to determine if your DAF can be upgraded today! HOTLINE: 201-803-8807