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Systems are pre-engineered, skid mounted all pre-wired and pre-plumbed with pre-calibrated instrumentation, chemical feed systems, and control systems. They are set up for a “plug-n-play” mode which greatly reduces onsite work.

If you have a tight project schedule or compliance need…
If you want to minimize on-site construction time and impact…
If you desire a more sustainable project…
If you would like to reduce onsite project risks and safety concerns…
If you seek to reduce or maintain a strict budget…
If you are looking to reduce the unknown…

The Ideal Pre-Fab™ may be a perfect answer. It delivers state of the art wastewater treatment technology fully prefabricated and pre-engineered to reduce concerns about safety, quality, schedule optimization, and costs. The result is a sustainable project delivered ahead of schedule that assures lowest life cycle costs.


Overall project schedules can be greatly reduced with Ideal Pre-Fab due to accelerated engineering and submittals and reduction of onsite construction time. Furthermore, our construction manufacturing operation occurs concurrently with any onsite construction. This collapses construction schedules, and allows achievement of goals faster, higher degree of product predictability and increasing ROIs.

Data shows – Schedules decrease by more than 4 weeks*


Because we build smarter, we can build faster, greener, and leaner. Our 3D design and modular construction process allows a precisely controlled environment which optimizes the use of materials, time, and energy – so we consume less. An engineered assembly line allows our workers to expend less energy because tools and materials are at their fingertips.

Data shows – Construction Site Waste Decreased by more than 5%*


Pre-fabricated systems enable us to generate very specific numbers—from dollar amounts to quantities and sizes of materials. We consume less material. And our highly engineered process adds predictability to our deliverables, leading to cost certainty and a reduction in contingencies.


Our lean manufacturing processes drive the use of fully repeatable processes. This in turn promotes skillsets and efficiencies of our full-time staff and allows further refinement of fulfillment processes. The pride we take in our craftsmanship helps to ensure each prefabricated unit—and your project—is a success!

* Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry. McGraw Hill Construction.