The Ideal Screen™ is suited for process and wastewater streams containing solids, which are easily separated from the liquid and will slide easily.

The system operates by feeding the influent into a headbox where hydraulic turbulence keeps solids in suspension. The wastewater then overflows a distribution weir that orients the flow tangentially onto a steeply sloped screen surface. The liquid passes through the openings in the wedgewire to a drainage pan, located on the backside of the screen, and the solids slide down the surface of the screen to the discharge lip.

The Ideal Screen element is a curved, slotted, wedgewire screen with slots ranging from 0.010” to 0.125” oriented perpendicular to the direction of flow. The decks are positioned at a steeply sloped angle providing an effective stripping of liquid and allowing the solids to slide off the deck.


  • Polypropylene Construction
  • Housing in 3/16” thick plate
  • Deck with an adjustment range of 6%


  • 316 stainless steel or Alloy 20 construction
  • Range of wedgewire shapes and designs
  • Vapor enclosure
  • Rear oscillating, or front traveling, spray bars