When a Critical Wastewater Issue Hits Home

Justin Olson Ripples

There is nothing more exciting than going back to your hometown, the place you grew up, came of age and dreamed big dreams, with the opportunity to make it a better place for those you left behind.  For me, I was able to do that in a small way this past year with World Water Works and our mission to “Purify our Future World Environment.”  In our work, we promise to be continually cognizant that we are partners in the environment with companies and their water treatment needs; which is why this opportunity was such a rewarding one for me personally, as well as professionally.

A bottling and packaging facility in my hometown was faced with the possibility of serious wastewater treatment penalties and needed to act quickly and decisively.  It was then when the World Water Works team was approached to help find a solution.  With a focus on performance, flexibility and longevity, we knew our award-winning specialized process and wastewater treatment technologies, designed to yield clean water and recover energy, were up for the task.

The facility, which operates on the shores of a popular bay, is an internationally recognized soft drink facility and was faced with increasing pressure from the Department of Environmental Protection to comply with the state’s stringent discharge guidelines. The company, who is proud of its civic responsibility, understood that producing highly concentrated biological sludge, a result of their antiquated system, had the potential to harm recreation and wildlife in the area, so were determined to find a swift and effective solution.

Together, World Water Works and the facility worked quickly.  The biggest issue they were faced with was that a high concentration of biological sludge and undesirable bacteria did not want to settle, so it couldn’t be removed before it discharged directly into the sound. As a result, they risked the possibility of sending high levels of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), and total nitrogen (TN) out into the bay.

For myself, however, the wastewater woes went beyond providing professional expertise. I grew up in the area and would fish on the very same bay a mere 100 yards from the plant’s effluent source. Needless to say I had a very strong personal interest in a solution that would help ensure the safety of the water from undesirable and even dangerous discharge.

With time of the essence, we presented the Ideal DAF™ (Dissolved Air Flotation) technology as a “stopgap” to the facility’s wastewater dilemma.

Plans for a plant redesign of the wastewater facility, however, further complicated the existing situation and current treatment process. Therefore, without the option to install a long-term solution before the proposed redesign, World Water Works presented the idea of renting the facility an Ideal DAF model RSP-45MS as a solution to lower MLVSS, or “biological solids,” concentrations in the activated sludge pond and bring their wastewater facility under control, staying in compliance throughout the duration of the facility upgrade.

The DAF unit selected successfully provided the ability for the facility to meet discharge requirements. Furthermore, it exceeded all expectations for efficiency, despite the extremely high TSS concentrations.

I am proud to say we went in there and, using the Ideal DAF Rental, solved an immediate potential exposure and kept them in very good shape under pretty extreme circumstances. Direct discharge is a big deal. We brought them down to below 20 milligrams per liter TSS and sustained that while they were making their important decisions for future wastewater treatment designs at the facility.

To put that success in perspective, the previous wastewater treatment system had the potential to discharge between 6,000 to 7,000 milligrams per liter of MLVSS.  The Ideal DAF Rental from World Water Works operated with reduced operational cost with unprecedented positive results. In short, World Water Works got the job done.

In accordance with our mission to partner with clients, we oversaw the Ideal DAF Rental from approximately Thanksgiving 2014 through March of 2015. And, in less than six months, the plant management was able to create a model of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Although the system proved capable to handle a wastewater treatment issue well beyond the range of recommended usage, I was always confident that we would satisfy this client while protecting the bay I called home. Returning as an adult, I was proud to give back to the place that provided me with such fond childhood memories. As an experienced professional, I am certain of the Ideal DAF Rental’s ability to solve short-term problems as well as being a long-term water processing solution.

To learn more about our Ideal DAF rental solution and other specialized process and wastewater treatment technologies visit www.worldwaterworks.com.