About Us

Enhancing customer profitability through innovative wastewater treatment technologies.

World Water Works, Inc. is a highly focused company in the wastewater treatment sector. We are driven to provide industrial and municipal customers proven and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions delivering superior effluent quality.

We are a passionate and adaptable company providing value through expertly engineered products and technologies. Founded in 1998, we have unparalleled depth of application knowledge and experience.

We have offices located throughout the US, India, and UAE with a fully integrated in-house manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK. This strategically positions us to control schedule while delivering the highest quality products and solutions at the lowest cost of ownership. Working hand-in hand with our customers, we optimize wastewater treatment solutions globally.

We at World Water Works are ensuring our wastewater treatment systems meet today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s water needs.