Core Values

For each municipal application, we will customize a wastewater treatment solution that uses one or more of our sustainable technologies. For example, our DEMON® process uses ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and anammox to remove ammonia from wastewater. It is completely automated and requires less energy than conventional systems.

Our Core Values


With any new project, our first step is to understand the customer’s issues and concerns. We do this by listening first, which allows us to acquire insight into our customer’s present requirements and future needs. We believe maintaining a strong dialogue with our customers develops an interactive, long-term partnership.


The customer’s bottom line is critical to our mindset when developing solutions to their issues. We believe it is essential that each solution is cost-effective for both capital and long-term operations. Working hand-in-hand with our customers, we optimize our treatment systems with economic drivers to provide the best possible return on investment.


Our customers look for partners who provide novel and innovative solutions. Quality wastewater treatment technologies must solve the issues they face today and withstand the challenges yet to come. We take tremendous pride in our capacity for creative, outside-the-box thinking to solve our customers’ problems while ensuring and guaranteeing our solutions’ performance and quality.


We understand the crucial importance of project schedules. Our in-house, world-class manufacturing, engineering and project management staff are dedicated to minimizing lead times as much as possible. We maintain a strong commitment to meeting the most demanding timelines.

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