Wastewater Treatment

Optimize operations with flexibility, efficiency and ease

Manufacturing covers a broad range of products and processes, each one with varying wastewater treatment requirements. That’s why we customize our wastewater treatment solutions to meet your diverse needs. Our extensive experience in this area lets us support you and other manufacturers in reaching your goals of superior operational performance and regulatory compliance.


Our award-winning technologies include IDEAL™ dissolved air flotation (DAF), which provides excellent separation efficiency while maintaining low power and chemistry requirements.

For biological treatments, our IDEAL™ moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) converts soluble material into biomass that can be removed downstream and offers excellent load variation stability. And, combined with other technologies or as a standalone system, our inDENSE™ handles mixed liquid volatile suspended solids (MLVSS), promoting denser sludge selection and improving water quality.


We take a holistic approach when developing solutions for your wastewater application. Our customer-centric development process allows us to design, supply and install complete, customized and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions.

We provide treatment solutions for manufacturers in the following areas:

Process Flow


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