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Rugged, cost-effective wastewater and process water treatment systems that boost the efficiency of metal production and processing facilities.

Metals (steel, aluminum) processing requires significant amounts of water for cooling, production and heat treating. These facilities produce process waters streams with high amounts of metals, oils & greases and other contaminants which are critical to address prior to recycling and reusing or discharging back into the environment.


Our compact and efficient dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology excels in treating water streams with oils & greases, suspended solids and dissolved metals, meeting the requirements of processes such as:

  • Cooling water treatment
  • Caster spray water treatment
  • Rolling mill contact water treatment
  • Facility wastewater treatment
  • Raw water make-up systems
We designed our treatment systems to control pH and remove total suspended solids (TSS) and oils & greases from process water or wastewater streams. Highly effective at treating process water or wastewater in the metals industry, our Ideal DAF™ system includes the following key features:
  • Progressive water extraction to extend retention time and improve effluent quality
  • Plate separators to maximize solid contaminant removal
  • A cross-flow design to promote better separation with a lower fluid velocity

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