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Robust wastewater treatment solutions that meet stringent municipal requirements and can retrofit existing facilities.

It’s not just about the drinking water. Municipalities also use water in applications like irrigation, industrial production, recreation and more. However, nutrient discharge from legacy municipal wastewater treatment plants threatens the quality of water resources and poses great environmental risk. As a result, regulatory and environmental stewardship bodies are more aggressively pressuring municipalities to reduce or eliminate these polluting nutrients.

As a leader in biological nutrient control technologies, we offer comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions to address these challenges.


Our cutting-edge technologies can stand alone or be combined with additional systems, creating a unique solution that specifically meets your standards and goals. These technologies include:

  • BIOCOS®  — Hybrid activated sludge technology for enhanced nutrient removal — ideal for lagoon upgrades Ideal
  • MBBR™ / Ideal IFAS™ — Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) technologies for retrofitting existing facilities for nutrient removal
  • DEMON® — Annamox anaerobic granular deammonification process technology
  • inDENSE® — Selective sludge wasting technology for improved sludge settleability and nutrient removal optimization
  • AvN® — Advanced aeration control technology to optimize total nutrient removal
  • Triple A™ Settler— Advanced pre-treatment


For each municipal application, we will customize a wastewater treatment solution that uses one or more of our sustainable technologies. For example, our DEMON® process uses ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and anammox to remove ammonia from wastewater. It is completely automated and requires less energy than conventional systems.

For optimizing energy efficiency and sustainability, our AvN® technology allows for improved aeration efficiency, providing the ability to direct more carbon for energy generation while still meeting effluent nutrient limits.

You can easily integrate inDENSE® technology, which promotes denser sludge selection, into existing plants to improve settling characteristics compared to conventional activated sludge treatment.

BIOCOS® is a hybrid-activated sludge process that combines features of continuous flow and sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems. A space-saving, cost-efficient sludge recycling system, it requires very little operation and maintenance. Pressurized air from the same blower source drives the cycles — no pump station required.

The moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) can handle both municipal- and industrial-scale BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification. This biofilm technology provides protected surface area so bacteria can grow and digest organics and nutrients in the waste stream.

Best of all, you can upgrade conventional activated sludge systems to meet new effluent ammonia or total nitrogen limits by incorporating bio media into the aerobic zones to allow for the cultivation of slower growing bacteria populations. Our Ideal IFAS™ system is a cost-effective upgrade for wastewater treatment plants that must meet more stringent effluent limits.

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Biological Nutrient Configuration Process Flow Diagram

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