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Advancing Your Meat Wastewater Treatment

Whether for cleaning, sanitizing or producing brines, meat operations produce wastewater from many sources that typically contain high levels of contaminants, suspended solids, organic compounds, ammonia compounds and fats, oils and grease (FOG). These compounds and contaminants can cause significant damage to the environment and public health if not properly treated.

Developing a safe, effective solution to treat wastewater — whether to meet industry regulations or your own corporate environment goals — is critical. But it’s not always a clear-cut process, requiring the right combination of physical, chemical and biological processes.

Furthermore, in the U.S., national standards impose limitations for wastewater depending on the kinds of meat products — such as red meat versus poultry. These regulations, which are subject to change over time, also vary based on facility size and where it discharges water.

To overcome these challenges, World Water Works specializes in developing successful, proven and resilient wastewater treatment solutions for the meat industry. We combine our innovative technologies with expert-level design and engineering teams to custom-tailor wastewater treatment systems that ensure satisfaction and compliance. 

Our wastewater treatment systems can include a combination of technology, such as:

  • Load equalization through Ideal EQ.
  • Dissolved air flotation (DAF) for total suspended solids (TSS) and FOG reduction.
  • Moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) removal, nitrification and/or denitrification.

These technologies are compact and can easily retrofit or upgrade existing wastewater treatment operations. We can also pair our technology with other systems for integration, providing you with turnkey solutions for meat processing wastewater treatment.

To help select what wastewater treatment works best for you, take a look at our white paper here.

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