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Announcing Arxtera's New Online Shop

Check out Arxtera’s new online shop, which will bring sustainable bioaugmentation and biostimulant products into your hands quickly and cost-effectively. Arxtera is a leader in the bioaugmentation, biostimulation and biological process intensification markets, and its products naturally complement our intensification technologies to solve tough wastewater challenges.

The new shop includes Arxtera’s comprehensive lineup of innovative ArxZyme™ biological and enzymatic products, including:

  • Biostimulants for boosting biological activities and nutrient removal.
  • Targeted treatment options for worms and other nuisance pests.
  • Fast-acting liquid blends of enzymes and bacteria to prevent the buildup of fats, oils and greases (FOG) and problematic biofilm.
  • Industry-specific, high-strength blends of organic feed, probiotic enzymes and bacterial strains to optimize water treatment in food and beverage, chemical processing, pulp and paper, brewery and refinery applications.
  • Bacterial and enzymatic blends for pond and lagoon maintenance.
  • Process enhancement products to facilitate nitrogen and phosphorous removal, the growth of beneficial microbes, increased biochemical and chemical oxygen demand (BOD/COD) — and more.

In addition to making these biological treatment products more accessible to you, Arxtera’s new shop lets you purchase brand-agnostic process evaluations, lab testing and other services, including biological process modeling, bacterial DNA analysis, biofilm observations, treatability tests and much more.

Products ship on the same business day with a cut-off time of 2 p.m. Eastern Time, and we work with various carriers for customers to choose from.

To learn more, please visit:

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PO Box 892050, Oklahoma City, OK 73189-2050

1 (800) 607-7873

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