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Alchemist Brewery Receives Award for Wastewater Treatment Implementation

World Water Works' Ideal MBBR-DAF™ assists brewery with enhanced clean water treatment

Press Releases - 2017-09-11
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Alchemy Holding, LLC, Stowe Brewery located in Stowe, VT was recently awarded the Outstanding Industrial Facility Award by the Green Mountain Water Environment Association for its commitment to clean water and pollution prevention, including implementation of water or wastewater treatment changes to address frequent issues that arise within similar industries.

In 2016, World Water Works’ Ideal MBBR-DAF™ system was installed at Alchemist Brewery to handle wastewater and reduce the amount of BOD, TSS and total phosphorous discharged to the Stowe Wastewater Treatment Facility. The system reduces the biological oxygen demand of the water to equal the level of approximately five households. The brewery has invested nearly $1 million into wastewater treatment and remains diligent in performing pollution prevention practices to separate high strength waste during the brewing process.

“With the rise of microbreweries, many communities are concerned with the amount of wastewater impacting the area, but Alchemist Brewery provided assurance to the Town of Stowe that they could be a good neighbor by implementing the appropriate technology to treat their wastewater, “said Chandler Johnson, chief technology officer for World Water Works. “World Water Works is honored to work with Alchemist Brewery as they achieve their wastewater treatment goals.”

Alchemist Brewery worked with Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc. to find a system to meet the needs of the facility, initiating the partnership with World Water Works. The Ideal MBBR-DAF is currently outperforming the design effluent criteria and is well below domestic effluent levels and permitted effluent limits. With the use of the Ideal DAG™, the system has also boosted dissolved oxygen levels prior to discharge.

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