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World Water Works Brings BIOCOS® Technology to North America

BIOCOS® delivers simplicity to wastewater treatment

Press Releases - 2016-10-12
OKLAHOMA CITY – World Water Works, Inc., an innovator in the wastewater treatment industry, recently announced the addition of BIOCOS® - Biological Combined System to its North American product line. BIOCOS combines the advantages of conventional activated sludge and sequenced biological reactor technologies to deliver a small footprint, low cost, high performance continuous wastewater treatment solution.

The BIOCOS strategy was based on the intention to avoid disadvantages of the secondary clarification process and the sludge recycle to allow the development of a system with the highest possible efficiency, operational safety, purifying performance and sustainability. The premise of BIOCOS’s design is based upon simplicity. There are no moving parts which translate to low construction costs, minimal energy costs and negligible maintenance requirements.

“World Water Works has maintained the philosophy to deliver the best, through internal innovation and external partnership,” said Chandler Johnson, chief technology officer of World Water Works. “Consistent with that theme we are excited and honored to exclusively partner with BIOCOS to deliver the technology to North America.”

The technology was developed in Europe in 1997 where today there are over 150 installations. With systems as small as 25,000 gpd and as large as 10 MGD, this technology can achieve very low TN and Phosphorus limits in an incredible efficient and low cost manner.

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