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World Water Works Launches Next Generation Deammonification Technology

Wastewater treatment company announces new conDEA™ technology

Press Releases 2016-10-12

OKLAHOMA CITY – World Water Works, Inc., an innovator in the wastewater treatment industry, announces conDEA™ – CONtinuous DEAmmonification technology, the next generation in deammonification, a process that delivers low cost and sustainable ammonia removal from water. Backed by over two decades of research and the broadest full-scale application experience in the industry, Dr. Bernhard Wett, the University of Innsbruck, and a team of distinguished experts have developed this exciting next step in the evolution of deammonification. World Water Works has been selected to exclusively deliver this to the North American market based upon its leadership position in implementing deammonification technology.

ConDEA offers one of the lowest cost TN removal process available with less than 60 percent less energy consumption and 90 percent sludge production with zero external carbon or alkalinity addition. This process sequesters greenhouse gas and is truly a sustainable improvement over traditional ammonia removal processes. ConDEA is best applied to higher-strength streams such as municipal dewatered anaerobically digested sludges or industrial streams with ammonia levels greater than 300 ppm. The updated system operates at higher loading rate with consistent greater than 90 percent ammonia removal which translates into more capacity in a smaller footprint. Beyond delivering continuous operation, this technology greatly enhances the robustness and simplicity of operation.

“It is truly exciting to be part of a team that is delivering such cutting edge deammonification technology with conDEA,” said Chandler Johnson, chief technology officer of World Water Works. “This technology is an important component to our overall WaterEnergy™ series of products.”

ConDEA is part of World Water Works’ WaterEnergy series, a series of products focused on achieving efficient low energy nutrient removal with little-to-no chemistry. These processes look to capture and divert carbon to increase energy generation while efficiently solving nitrogen removal at low C:N ratios. WaterEnergy transforms wastewater treatment into energy neutral or energy positive renewable power plants. This line of products includes AvN™, AvN+™, BIOCOS®, conDEA™, IFAS and inDENSE™. These products are typically adaptable to existing systems with minimal infrastructure changes and are designed to achieve more in less space with less energy and chemicals – Doing More, With Less, In Less™.

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World Water Works is a global designer and manufacturer of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions with a design philosophy focused on performance, flexibility and longevity to yield the best water quality at the lowest life cycle costs. Incorporated in 1998, the company recognizes the need for ethical product commitment and continual innovation in water technology. Executing these goals has enabled World Water Works to establish strong and meaningful long-term relationships and partnerships with both municipal and industrial customers. It is a passionate and adaptable company providing value through expertly engineered solutions and technologies.

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