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WWW Selected For Emporia Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Ideal IFAS™ technology to improve wastewater treatment at Emporia plant

Press Releases 2017-05-10

OKLAHOMA CITY – World Water Works, Inc., a manufacturer of specialized advanced wastewater treatment solutions, has been selected to implement their Ideal IFAS™ (integrated fixed-film activated sludge) technology at the Emporia Wastewater Treatment Plant in Emporia, Kansas. The plant currently treats an average of 4 million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD) and the new technology will allow the plant to treat at a max month flow rate of 5.4 MGD.

“We are looking forward to enhancing the services of the Emporia Wastewater Treatment Plant,” said Greg Parks, vice president of sales at World Water Works. “As one of the world’s leaders in proving MBBR and IFAS systems, we’re excited to partner with Burns & McDonnell, CAS Constructors and the City of Emporia, KS to deliver a successful project which will address the wastewater treatment needs of the community for decades to come.”

The plant currently has a conventional activated sludge system. World Water Works is working with Kansas City engineering firm Burns & McDonnell after being selected as the technology supplier to aid in the upgrade of the existing wastewater treatment system in order to increase overall wastewater capacity and monitor nutrient limits. Prior to discharging the water into the Cottonwood River, a large amount of the solid and dissolved organic pollutants are removed, and the level of ammonia in the wastewaster is reduced to near zero.

World Water Works specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing highly efficient process and wastewater treatment solutions. Through their products and technologies, the company has successfully provided multiple municipalities with treatment solutions to achieve clean water, resource recovery and yield the highest water quality. The design for the Emporia Wastewater Treatment Plant is being finalized, and the system is expected to be operational within the next year.

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World Water Works is a global designer and manufacturer of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions with a design philosophy focused on performance, flexibility and longevity to yield the best water quality at the lowest life cycle costs. Incorporated in 1998, the company recognizes the need for ethical product commitment and continual innovation in water technology. Executing these goals has enabled World Water Works to establish strong and meaningful long-term relationships and partnerships with both municipal and industrial customers. It is a passionate and adaptable company providing value through expertly engineered solutions and technologies.

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