Primary Metals – PMP DAF™

The PMP DAF™ achieves high rate removal efficiencies at a low cost of ownership with an improved performance compared to conventional technologies. The materials of construction ensure corrosion resistance in any processing environment.

Applications for PMP DAF:

  • Make-up Water Clarification
  • Wastewater Treatment / End of Pipe
  • Cooling Water Clarification
  • Caster Spray Water Clarification/li>
  • Rolling Mill Contact Water Clarification

Improved Water Quality Benefits:

  • Reduced downtime and Operational Cost
  • Greater Turbidity Removal
  • Discharge Compliance
  • Reduced Chemical Consumption
  • Improved Product Quality

Why the PMP DAF is the Right Solution for You:

  • Simple & Easy to Operate
  • Greater Treatment Flexibility /li>
  • Smallest Footprint
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Made in the USA