• " Do operational costs really differ between WWW's DAF and others? "
  • " Can a biological system handle oils and greases? "
  • " Is it possible to obtain local funding for an industrial pretreatment system? "
  • " Is there a durable solution for generating dissolved air? "
  • " Can upgrading your DAF save energy? "
  • " Will WWW share the risks of a project through special financing? "
  • " Can a direct discharge system be easy to operate? "

AAEES Honor Award for Sustainability

WWW and HRSD receive Honor Award for Environmental Sustainability - 1st DEMON® sidestream deammonification system in North America!

About us

World Water Works is a manufacturer of specialized advanced water treatment solutions focused on performance, flexibility and longev­ity designed to yield clean water, recover energy and resource recovery.  World Water Works' innovative products are transforming wastewater treatment to water reuse and resource recovery facilities.

World Water Works has achieved tremendous success in wastewater treatment through ethical product commitment.  This customer centric philosophy has fueled World Water Works exciting growth.  Last year, INC Magazine recognized World Water Works as one of the fastest growing companies in America.  World Water Works' advanced water treatment technologies have won numerous awards for delivering the highest water quality. and maximum resource recovery.  One recent award was a Sustainability Award for the first Anammox based system in North America.  This technology reduces energy costs by 60%, eliminates the need for chemicals and consumes carbon dioxide.  It is truly a sustainable technology

World Water Works is quite unique in the wastewater treatment industry combining a very aggressive Research and Development (R&D) program with In-House Manufacturing.  This combination has enabled World Water Works to develop and innovate faster.  World Water Works has averaged innovative product class advancements every two years! This is over 80% faster than the average in the wastewater treatment industry.  World Water Works maintains its customer centric commitment throughout this process which is leading to the development of some highly advanced water treatment technologies.  These advanced water treatment technologies will transform wastewater treatment into a profit center delivering clean water for water reuse while achieving resource recovery which can produce energy and viable sellable products - making waste water treatment truly sustainable.  

World Water Works has successfully delivered advanced water treatment technologies to every major continent in the world.  To better serve our clients in the Eastern Hemisphere, World Water Works has recently opened manufacturing in India.  Please enjoy our website to learn more about World Water Works and our innovative products which can transform waste water cost centers into water reuse and resource recovery profit centers.

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