ESSENTIALS OF WATER: Our focus and expertise is to remove impurities efficiently, to recover valuable resources, and to provide water reuse. Our advanced technologies are designed to assure the lowest total life cycle costs.

Energizing the World: Since 1998, World Water Works technologies have enhanced customer profitability through innovative wastewater treatment solutions and service.


Testimonials from a few of our many, very happy clients!

“World Water Works continued support and communication with the Las Vegas operation has been exceptional.”

David A. Muskopf
Ken’s Foods, Inc.

“If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with World Water Works I suggest you seize the opportunity.”

Kirk Olesen
Rumiano Cheese Company

“I would recommend World Water Works to any company which is looking for a reputable, professional, reliable, and technologically advanced company to handle their wastewater problems.”

K. Stehr
Snyder of Berlin
Trillion Gallons of Water Treated
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