With a fleet of pilot treatability systems, our clients can obtain first-hand, on premise experience with our industry leading technologies. We have a full line of products for this type of pilot work including: Ideal DAF™, Ideal Clarifier™, Ideal MBBR™, Ideal IFAS™, AvN™, conDEA™, inDENSE™, and others. These on-site pilots can help answer customer questions and provide a more detailed understanding of the technology of interest. World Water Works is open to conducting head-to-head pilot treatability studies against any of our competitors to demonstrate WWW’s technology’s superiority.

WWW’s pilot fleet includes systems that represent each of our technologies and have a wide range in flowrates. These systems are designed for easy onsite connections and flexible operation. Our talented technicians provide support of these demonstration systems.

photo_pilot MBBR_Pilot_009 Michigan