North American Team

Bringing innovative wastewater treatment solutions to the U.S. and Canada.

Our North American team consists of passionate wastewater professionals with world-class manufacturing, sales and technical expertise. A group of innovative and outside-the-box thinkers, our North American employees analyze our customers’ toughest wastewater issues and provide cost-effective solutions. Headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we’re well-positioned to control project schedules and deliver the highest quality products.


Prashant Mitta, CEO, World Water Works

Prashant Mitta

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Booth, COO, World Water Works

Kyle Booth

Chief Operating Officer

Chandler Johnson, Chief Technology Officer

Chandler Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

Neil McAdam, Senior VP, Strategic Alliances

Neil McAdam

Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Daniel Dair, Vice President of Innovation

Daniel Dair

Vice President of Innovation

Michael Pudvay,  Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing

Michael Pudvay

Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Marketing

Rich Acciarito, Chief Financial Officer

Rich Acciarito

Chief Financial Officer

Industrial sales

Ryan Shanaghan, Industrial Sales Manager, World Water Works

Ryan Shanaghan

Industrial Sales Manager – East

Scott Jay, Vice President, Industrial Sales, World Water Works

Scott Jay

Vice President, Industrial Sales

Justin Olson, Vice President, Industrial Sales Operations

Justin Olson

Vice President, Industrial Sales Operations

Jeffrey Aldrich, Industrial Sales Director - East Coast

Jeffrey Aldrich

Industrial Sales Director - East Coast

Dillon Rademaker, Industrial Sales Manager - Central

Dillon Rademaker

Industrial Sales Manager - Central

Dennis Rodarte, Industrial Sales Manager - West

Dennis Rodarte

Industrial Sales Manager - West

Municipal sales

Sherri Caneer, Municipal Sales Manager - East

Sherri Caneer

Municipal Sales Manager - East

Jason Kucavich, Municipal Sales Manager - Central

Jason Kucavich

Municipal Sales Manager - Central

Jason Boyd, Municipal Sales Manager - West

Jason Boyd

Municipal Sales Manager - West

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