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Cost-Effective ROi Program Offers inDENSE® Technology

New ROi program enables municipalities to easily integrate inDENSE into existing systems

Cost-Effective ROi Program Offers inDENSE® Technology

Press Releases 2023-10-30

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — World Water Works (WWW) announces its new ROi program, which makes it easier than ever for municipalities to integrate its inDENSE® gravimetric selection technology into existing activated sludge systems.

The ROi program enables municipal wastewater operations to unlock the operational benefits of inDENSE while maintaining financial flexibility. Short- and long-term inDENSE equipment rentals are available, as well as lease-to-own options. This structure ensures wastewater plants can enhance the performance of existing activated sludge systems without a substantial initial investment while staying within typical municipal operational and maintenance budgets.

inDENSE promotes the selection and retention of denser biomass, augmenting conventional activated sludge systems with improved settling, enhanced biological phosphorus removal and more robust cold weather nitrification. It also increases solids and hydraulic loading on secondary clarifiers. Operations running this technology can expect to improve their sludge volume index (SVI), reduce chemical requirements, gain operational stability and achieve a rapid return on investment.

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