Advanced Aeration Control

As water resource reclamation facilities (WRRF) divert more carbon toward energy generation, it becomes harder and more expensive to remove the remaining nutrients to the lower levels required by regulation.

Using a holistic operation control strategy, our AvN® technology efficiently intensifies the biological process of nutrient removal by balancing the energy and chemical inputs.


Through advanced instrumentation, control and automation (ICA), AvN provides selective pressures to separate and promote the desired bacterial populations, unlocking better control over critical bacteria interrelationships, improving energy efficiency and reducing chemical and energy costs. By maximizing the carbon-to-energy process, WRRFs can seriously consider energy self-sufficiency and develop a sensible path toward becoming energy neutral.


  • Improved total nitrogen (TN) removal efficiency at the lowest possible total energy input
  • Reduced alkalinity, carbon and energy requirements
  • Minimal or zero changes to existing plant footprint
  • Saves 25% oxygen and 40% organic carbon compared to conventional nitrification and denitrification processes
  • Blower optimization
  • Greater energy production capabilities through anaerobic digestion

We donate a portion of AvN sales proceeds to non-profit wastewater research.

Case Studies


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