Ideal EQ™
Equalization and pH System

By offering flow and load equalization, our simplified equalization system, Ideal EQ™ is critical to any industrial wastewater treatment plant.

Production wastewater coming in from the industrial facility varies in pH, total suspended solids (TSS), fats, oils and greases (FOG), and other contaminants.

The Ideal EQ includes Ideal Mixing™ and Ideal pH™ to provide more consistent flows and homogeneous loads to downstream treatment equipment.

Ideal Mixing™ – Different Mixing Options for Different Applications

When it comes to equalization mixing and aeration, we have several options that ensure proper performance. Depending on the wastewater type, we will engineer the correct solution.

The slot injector is a method that combines tank water with blower air and then recycles the water through fiberglass manifolds inside the tank. Depending on the specific application, the system can also mix without air for ultimate flexibility.

Aspirated jet mixing relies on the Venturi effect to draw atmospheric air into the tank to recycle the water. It then reintroduces the aerated stream into the tank at a high velocity. This is a highly cost-effective solution that can easily retrofit existing operations.

Mechanical mixers keep mixing simple, however, it does not have the ability to provide aeration. In most Ideal EQ applications, aeration is critical to help prevent fugitive odors.

Ideal pH™ – Safe and Optimized Performance

Our Ideal pH system enhances the natural buffering capacity of industrial wastewater. A discrete, compact and flexible system, it facilitates safe, efficient operation and maintenance.

Automatic Process

A dedicated controller constantly monitors pH levels and controls chemical pumps. If the pH dips below the set level, a caustic chemical pump turns on to increase pH back to the optimal level. Similarly, if the pH level rises above the set range, an acidic chemical pump lowers the pH.

To prevent the pumps from overcompensating when applying either caustic or acidic chemicals, the pumps ramp up and down depending on how much the actual pH level differs from the set pH level.

Easy Maintenance

Here’s how the system works. A side stream, drawn out of the Ideal EQ tank by recirculation pumps, flows through the pH stand and then back into the tank. As the water enters the pH stand, a controlled portion flows over the pH probe, which continuously measures the pH level. For cleaning and calibration purposes, the system lets operators safely and easily isolate the probe.

Safe Operation

Because mixing acids and bases can cause violent reactions if not properly managed, the Ideal pH system includes several safeguards, such as a flow switch and chemical injection points:
  • Flow Switch. Installed on the pH stand, the flow switch ensures the chemical pumps run only if water flows across the probe, preventing the acid and caustic pumps from running simultaneously.
  • Chemical Injection Points. Injection points on the stand safely control chemical dosing, ensuring chemicals are injected at a set angle to reduce the risk of a violent reaction.
With our Ideal EQ system, we have engineered out any common issues and have provided a flexible and easy to use system. With proper equalization, wastewater treatment becomes a much easier and cost-effective process.

Wastewater Equalization And PH Adjustment – Ideal EQ™

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