Ideal DAF™ and PMP DAF™
Dissolved Air Flotation

Ideal DAF™

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems remove suspended solids, fats, oils, greases and non-soluble organics by dissolving air into pressurized water. Here’s how this highly efficient Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process works:

Water enters the DAF system through the influent header box to reduce the water’s velocity and distribute it across the length of the vessel. To optimize the treatment process, we design the influent header box with multiple injection points, allowing the introduction of whitewater — a highly saturated pressurized stream of air and DAF effluent that sometimes includes flocculant.

The whitewater forms micro-bubbles and as the wastewater enters the flotation zone, the micro-bubbles attach to the particle surface, lowering the particle density enough to cause suspended solids, fats, oils, greases and non-soluble organics to separate from the wastewater and rise to the surface. The now separated solids, fats, oils, greases and non-soluble organics are skimmed and removed by a chain-and-flight skimmer into the sludge hopper.

High Removal Efficency with Low Operational Costs

  • DAF systems provide the flexibility to extract water throughout the process, extending retention time and improving effluent quality.
  • The technology provides high removal efficiency while maintaining low power and chemistry requirements.

Improved Separation and Sludge Removal

  • Plate separators maximize the removal of solids.
  • The cross-flow design facilitates lower water velocities and better solid separation.
  • Systems accumulate thicker, denser sludge on the thickening beach and feature a cone bottom design for easy sludge removal.

Rugged Design, Long Life

  • Heavy-duty, lightweight polypropylene (PP) construction.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High total dissolved solids (TDS) and saltwater tolerance.
  • Chemical treatment flexibility.
  • Wide pH range.
  • Up to 9,000 gallons per minute systems available.


This DAF is specifically designed to excel at treating primary metal production wastewater. The PMP DAF™ offers highly efficient removal rates, low cost of ownership and improved performance compared to conventional technologies. A durable construction ensures corrosion resistance in the harshest processing environments.


  • Make-up water clarification
  • Wastewater treatment End-of-pipe (EOP) treatment
  • Cooling water clarification
  • Caster spray water clarification
  • Rolling mill contact water clarification

Improved Water Quality

  • Greater turbidity reduction
  • Discharge compliance
  • Greater treatment flexibility
  • Reduced chemical consumption

Operational Advantages

  • Small footprint
  • Zero backwash
  • Improved product quality
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Reduced downtime and operational cost
  • Made in the USA

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System - Ideal DAF™

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