Equalization and pH System – Ideal EQ™

The Ideal EQ™, for flow & load equalization, is a critical piece to any industrial wastewater treatment plant.

The Ideal EQ System is properly designed to homogenize the wastewater providing a more consistent and predictable flow and load to downstream treatment equipment. Wastewater coming from the production facility into equalization will vary in pH, TSS, FOGs and other contaminants. With WWW Ideal Mixing, the contents of the tank are mix and/or aerated to provide uniformity for easier downstream processing.

EQ Tank Mixing Types

Aerated Slot Injection

This method uses water from the tank and combines it with air from a blower and recycles it back through the fiberglass manifolds inside of the tank. Mixing can be achieved with or without air to address specific applications.

Aspirated Jet Mixing

This method recycles water from the tank and draws atmospheric air through a venturi affect. Reintroducing the aerated stream back into the tank at high velocity causes this method to be cost effective and easily retrofitted solution.

Mechanical Mixer

A mechanical mixer is used if the goal is to simply keep the water well mixed and consistent.

Ideal pH™

World Water Works Ideal pH System™ enhances the natural buffering capacity of any industrial wastewater. The Ideal pH Stand is a discrete, compact and flexible system engineered for operators and maintenance personnel to perform their duties safely and efficiently. To control the pH a side stream is drawn out of the EQ Tank by the recirculation pumps which flows through the pH Stand then back into the tank. As the water enters the pH Stand a controlled portion flows over the pH probe for continuous measure of the pH level. The system is designed to allow the operator to safely and easily isolate the probe for cleaning and calibration. A dedicated controller will constantly monitor the pH level and control the chemical pumps. If the pH dips below the set range a caustic chemical pump will turn on to raise the pH back to the optimal level. In the same way, if the pH reading raises above the set range an acid chemical pump will turn on to lower the pH back down.

The chemical pump is programmed for speed to ramp up and down depending on the deviation from the set pH range to prevent the pumps from over shooting. Mixing acid and caustic can cause a violent reaction if it’s not properly managed; because of this World Water Works has programmed several safeguards. A Flow Switch is installed on the pH Stand to ensure the chemical pumps can only run if there is flow moving across the probe. The programming does not allow for the acid and caustic pumps to run at the same time. Chemical Injection Points are engineered into the stand to allow for dosing in a safe and controlled environment. These injection points are at a set angle to further reduce the risk of a violent reaction.